misadventures in Spanish London

Because Laurel wanted this journal entry from yesterday to be a blog post.

Early this morning, right before the alarm went off, I dreamt that I was living in London and my sister had come for a visit. In my dream, London looked oddly like Spain, with jam-packed, multi-terraced buildings set in close urban hillsides. My sister had just arrived, and we were waiting on my father and stepmother to make … Continue Reading ››

where writing ideas come from

Earlier this morning, I received a “regrets” letter from the Jan Michalski Foundation, regarding my application for one of their “Swiss tree house” writer residencies for 2017. I hadn’t realized how much I’d been looking forward to that opportunity until it was taken away, but that’s how things work sometimes, right? I’d even gone so far as picking out the travel backpack I’d wanted to test out on the trip … Continue Reading ››

books read: March through October 2016

Holy bodhisattvas! I hadn't meant to go so very long without updating my monthly reading list. As always, this list includes only the books I completed, and not those I decided to abandon; there are also a few re-reads, per usual. So here goes, eight months in one post . . . October 2016
  • The Dispatcher, by John Scalzi (audiobook narrated by Zachary Quinto)
  • What’s It Like in Space, by Ariel … Continue Reading ››

day 666

Yes, it's true. Today, according to my very possibly inexact calculations, is Day 666 of the daily migraine. I'm not going to get into a big long update here of all of the potential remedies we are continuing to try or what's next on the list. I can tell you that what we have so far found not to work includes (but is not limited to) the following: Imitrex, Gabapentin, ibuprofen, … Continue Reading ››

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