how I make pickle soup

Because I find making (and enjoying) a pot of homemade soup to be one of the finest comforts around, and because a lot of people keep thinking I'm joking when I mention pickle soup, here's my inexact recipe for pickle soup. This is technically vegetarian/vegan, but yours doesn't have to be.
  • Cut up two or three onions, throw them in a big stock pot with some olive oil.
  • Toss in … Continue Reading ››

misadventures in Spanish London

Because Laurel wanted this journal entry from yesterday to be a blog post.

Early this morning, right before the alarm went off, I dreamt that I was living in London and my sister had come for a visit. In my dream, London looked oddly like Spain, with jam-packed, multi-terraced buildings set in close urban hillsides. My sister had just arrived, and we were waiting on my father and stepmother to make … Continue Reading ››

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