books read: June 2015 through December 2015

Right. Because I've been reading a ton—except for November, apparently—but have been really bad about posting these monthly reading lists. As always, these lists are not comprehensive. I have not included, for instance, books I started reading but didn't finish, material I was beta reading or reviewing as an editor, and an awful lot of long-form journalism. Maybe I should start a weekly list of interesting internet reads, but I'm hesitant … Continue Reading ››

browsing the cellular cereal aisle

I still don't have cellular service. Well, I do. But I don't. Not really. It's a complicated dance involving the black hole of connectivity that is the neighborhood where I live and work and the mystery of my phone's sudden decline, set to the beat of a changing cellular marketplace, and the result—at least currently—is a bit of a fiasco. I blogged recently about how … Continue Reading ››

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