getting out the vote…. er, ballot

This evening, I received a call from a local organizer, while I was thawing out a piece of meat I’d forgotten about in the freezer and attempting to gauge the freezer-burn damage. He was looking for volunteers to go door-to-door in my community, urging people to vote — more specifically, urging supporters of the Kerry-Edwards ticket to vote.

Now, I’ll tell you that at my house I find door-to-door anybody more annoying than that gunky funk that builds up inside the toilet bowl when you get lazy and don’t scrub it for a couple of weeks (or longer). I told the man on the phone as much, though I used nicer language. So I declined his offer to go knocking on doors and inquiring about people’s party affiliation. I also declined the opportunity to ring up strangers — albeit, strangers in my community — and ask them similar questions.

But I did jump at the chance to drive people to the polls. Well, not exactly to the polls, but to the library. With Oregon’s ballot system, all ballots must be postmarked by the Friday prior to the election; else, ballots must be turned in at the local library on or before election day. So my job will be to pick people up from their homes and drive them to the library so they can make sure their voices are heard. I don’t care for whom you are voting: if you need help getting to the library, you give me a call, and I’ll get you there.

I’m actually quite excited; I’ve been wanting to do this for years, though I suppose I should make sure the MoveOn folks know of the intended nonpartisan nature of my shuttle services.

And the steak wasn’t bad, seasoned with black pepper and garlic salt. No freezer-burn, though I did have to settle for broiling, as I still don’t have a grill here…. not even of the George Foreman variety.

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