iron jawed angels

I feel especially lucky to have noticed that Dish Network — my satellite provider — has been running a “free movie channel weekend” as an inducement to customers to upgrade their service packages. Lucky, because they aired “Iron Jawed Angels” on one of the HBO channels just this morning.

If you haven’t heard of this movie before, it is the dramatization of the women’s suffrage movement 1912-1920. It was very well done and is quite a powerful movie. See it if you can. I’ve recorded it on my DVR, so you can come over here and watch it, too.

You can check out the “Iron Jawed Angels” profile on the Internet Movie Database.

The feelings coursing through me just now are overwhelming, and I wouldn’t know where to begin to describe my experience watching this movie just now. There is so much that we take for granted as American citizens, particularly the right to actively participate in our own government. “Iron Jawed Angels” is about extreme patriotism — the good kind. It is about standing up for what you know to be true and just, regardless of the consequences to yourself. It is about perseverance, obstinance, courage, and vision, and it is a powerful reminder to us, not even 100 years later, of both the bitter cost and sweet victory of freedom.

You would do yourself a great favor if you sought this one out.

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