i wish you enough

I composed this as an e-mail to some friends this morning, and as the response has been overwhelmingly positive, I thought I’d share it with a somewhat broader audience rather than just keeping this to myself. 🙂

You’ve probably all read the story that has been circulating in e-mail, about a parent and adult child saying their last goodbye at an airport, and the blessing of “I wish you enough,” written by Bob Perks.

I was thinking about this as I was walking my dogs, and I wanted to bestow a similar blessing on all of you, written rather spontaneously at my computer this morning:

I wish you enough.
I wish you enough love in your heart, and enough communion with your soul.
I wish you enough light to illuminate your lessons, and enough dark to integrate your wisdom.
I wish you enough giving to open your heart, and enough receiving to bring you home.
I wish you enough commerce to enrich your bank account, and enough service to enrich your life.
I wish you enough activity to sharpen your mind and strengthen your body, and enough rest to bring you peace.
I wish you enough sunshine to warm your face and to cheer your heart.
I wish you enough gentle wind to lift your hair and your dreams.
I wish you enough friendship to remind you that you are not alone, and enough solitude to remember your center.
I wish you enough rain to nourish your garden and to cleanse your spirit.
I wish you enough storms to clear away the old and make room for the new.
I wish you enough mist to bring you into the here and now and to remind you of your own magic.
I wish you enough dirt to grow your herbs and flowers and to keep your feet firmly on the ground.
I wish you enough clouds in the sky to inspire you to reach beyond them.
I wish you enough birds in flight to delight your eyes, and enough birdsong to serenade your ears.
I wish you enough kisses and cuddles with children and animals to bring you simple joy.
I wish you enough earth to sustain the roots of your trees and the roots of your intentions.
I wish you enough starlight to inspire your imagination, and enough moonlight to stir your soul.
I wish you enough.

— rev. jen willis, 2005

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