The Girl Who Chased the Moon

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The Girl Who Chased the Moon
by Sarah Addison Allen
ISBN13: 9781444706642
ISBN10: 1444706640

Apparently, I was in the perfect mood for this book. It was a pleasure to race through the pages of this easy read.

I loved the evocative language Allen used in describing the small southern town of Mullaby, where this story is set, as it reminded me of my own hometown of Richmond, and my “second hometown” of Fredericksburg, VA, where my father grew up. I was delighted by the changeable wall-paper in Emily’s bedroom, the subtle touches of Southern food, and the fact that certain individuals can “see” sweetness.

It was also a fairly accurate commentary on how we change as we “grow up” — specifically, we’re not the same people we were in high school. Yet running into old classmates can instantaneously transform us back into the teenagers we used to be. (That’s a big reason I’ve learned to avoid high school reunions!)

Mostly, though, I enjoyed Allen’s light touch in this story of forgiveness and redemption, and even though the ending was somewhat easily predicted, I didn’t mind, because I knew she was headed toward a happy resolution.

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