video from Occupy Dame Street

It’s taken a while, but here’s some of the video I shot when visiting Occupy Dame Street in Dublin, Ireland, on Sunday, 16 October 2011. The interview covers the government, debt, balance between left- and right-wing politics, and hope for the future.

The group was — and likely still is — holding daily General Assemblies for everyone who is part of the local Occupy movement and anyone else who’d like to stop in. Leadership at the site changes on a rotating basis, to give everyone a chance to both lead and to rest.

It wasn’t a huge group camping out while I was there, though there were also several protest marches (escorted by police officers) through the streets on a regular basis. I saw no clashes with authorities, no riots, and no arrests, which provided a sharp contrast with other Occupy actions elsewhere. (Just recently, two dozen “occupiers” were reportedly arrested in my home city of Portland, Oregon.)

The Occupy action in Dublin was very civil in comparison and seemed to serve as a more polite means of frustrated protest, which the Irish papers were quick to play up.

I was a solo operation during my interviews in Ireland, and it was a bit tricky to stand far enough away to keep my interviewee in the video frame while also getting close enough to record decent audio on the Zoom. I had to hold the camera pretty much on my shoulder — where I couldn’t see the LCD screen — and so had no idea whether I succeeded or not until the interview was over. Anyway, this was the result.

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  1. Very interesting chat, Jennifer. Didn’t know that tissues are part of a videographer’s suite of equipment, I see. (Frankly, neither did I, till now. 😉

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