it’s almost may, and you know what that means . . .

The 2012 Blogathon challenge is nearly upon us!

Each May, blogger and writer/editor goddess Michelle Rafter hosts the annual Blogathon, spurring participants to post entries every day in an effort to focus their blogs, build readership, gain more blogging experience, develop a new specialty area, and more. You don’t have to be a professional writer or a paid blogger to participate, and Michelle always builds in bonus features?a dedicated email group, weekly newsletters, twitters chats, and more?to help keep participants motivated and rolling along. (And there are drawings for prizes at the end of the month, among those who posted every day!)

I’ve participated several times in the Blogathon, and I’m thinking it’s a good counter-balance to the month of writerly insanity that comes along every November with National Novel Writing Month.

In past years, I’ve used the Blogathon to write about random things with seemingly no common thread, to build up Green Soul Guide content, and to blog about indie publishing (because my latest urban fantasy novel, “Valhalla,” came out just before the Blogathon started last year). I even posted entries for the Blogathon on top of my 365 Haiku project.

I should develop an editorial calendar for this year’s challenge. I really should. At this point, I plan to continue my postings about the writing life?which I’ve offered in this space and over on the Oregon News Incubator blog?and I’d like to delve into a new-ish area for me: science; specifically, astronomy and space science (and sometimes even where science and religion mix, mingle, and either come to blows or give each other a pat on the back).

So, buckle your seat belts . . .

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