another haiku! cinco de mayo pies

Cinco de Mayo
I’ve made five tasty pies for
a hockey party.

I was a pie-baking fool on Friday, spending very nearly the entire day in the kitchen in a tart frenzy. I’ve made two key lime pies with Oreo cookie crusts*, one chocolate silk pie with graham cracker crust, one apple pie (pastry crust), and one berry pie (pastry crust). And by the end of the day I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. 😉

(* The pie dishes I had available were smaller than I’m used to, so I made two smaller key lime pies in addition to the pair of full-size ones. So, technically, seven pies in total.)

One of the guys who’ll be at the party made me promise to make five pies for this shindig, insisting that he’d consume an entire pie himself. I took him some chocolate silk pie for his birthday not too long ago, and he actually licked the plate clean?every speck!?so maybe he’ll make good on his promise. (Or was it a threat?)

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