if I started blogging today…

Today is a theme day in the 2012 Blogathon, and participants have been asked to complete the sentence, “If I started blogging today?”


I first started my blog in the fall of 2004. I had little idea what I was doing. My blog didn’t have a theme, and the topics I posted about were pretty random. Over the years, I’ve blogged the full first drafts of two novels (during NaNoWriMo 2004 and 2007). I’ve posted obituaries for my two precious dogs, Nanook and Journey, and for my boyfriend’s cat, Sylvester. I’ve written about the intersection of spirituality and sustainability. I’ve blogged about the writing life; astronomy; pie, casserole, and juice recipes; traveling in Ireland; mitral valve prolapse syndrome/dysautonomia; bankruptcy; snow caves; converting to Judaism; Halloween; politics and human rights; books; and probably a huge number of other subjects that I can’t even think of just now.

So, yeah, if I were starting a new blog today, I’d probably think very carefully at the outset about what I wanted to cover. I’d narrow in on a specific topic and would plan out my blog’s categories and frequently used keywords as much as I could. There will always be something that I don’t think of, or some new direction that I grow into over time: just look at how my website/blog has grown and changed since 2004! They say hindsight is always 20/20?or at least, 20/40.


I’d also plan a 30-day editorial calendar and would pre-write several weeks’ worth of posts before I launched a new blog. In practice, I just started blogging without any real schedule. If I were starting over, I’d plan out my blogging routine from the beginning and would stick to it. And I would seek out blog swap partners right away?and on a regular schedule moving forward, regardless of whether it was Blogathon month or whether I had a new book being launched.

And . . . I’d like to think I’d build a heavier multimedia site, with text, video, and audio presented together?a blogcast? For the past several years now, I keep thinking about trying out a podcast, but I’ve never gotten started. Other things come up and take precedence, and I shy away from podcasting or even video-casting myself. I’m now again thinking of starting an audio podcast?one that would be a more serious commitment, but looks more likely to actually get done. We’ll see if it actually happens, though.

I imagine that the point of this exercise?this theme set out by Blogathon founder Michelle Rafter?is to get each one of us to write out a kind of “blog wish list.” Now that I know what I would have done differently, why not try implementing some of the above into the blog that already exists, eh?

(And why does my spellchecker keep correcting “blogging” to “blowguns”?)

* * * * *

On another note, I was doing some research recently on iPad protection. Though I’d chosen the ZAGGfolio keyboard case with productivity in mind?see Adventures with an iPad: cases and keyboards?reading these two stories made me feel like I’d made a smart investment in protection as well:

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  1. I’ve been thinking of trying to publish “pencasts.” I recently acquired a Smartpen which records audio to accompany whatever you write or draw in your notebook. So, for example, you could record a teaching session and write out the notes while you talk; or provide illustrations while telling a story. I haven’t tried publishing a file yet, but it is great for recording notes, ideas and interviews. I like this pen-and-paper-and-recorder technology.

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