Iduna’s Apples! (just in time for the end of the world)

Iduna's Apples (Valhalla: Book 2) by Jennifer Willis
It’s here!

Okay, I’ve not done a big launch for this new release. Yet.

I feel like I’ve been juggling flaming chainsaws here lately and getting into the detailed planning of promotions and announcements just wasn’t in the cards. Plus I didn’t want my efforts to get lost in all of the traditional holiday noise.

So look for actual book release fanfare come January — and that’s when the print edition should be available as well as the ebook that released today. I’ll have some giveaways, blog tour appearances, in-person speaking engagements and more.

In the meantime, Valhalla is free on Amazon through Friday to coincide with the release of Iduna’s Apples — because at the end of the world (supposedly 12 December 2012), what’s better than a couple of fun reads about trying to prevent the end of the world?


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