two days ahead, three weeks behind

I’ve been laser-focused on the huge rewrite of “The Black Pool” (volume 3 of the Valhalla series). I’ve also been meeting newspaper and magazine deadlines, and working (lagging) on NIWA’s NSQ program. So I’ve not been blogging so much.

After falling three weeks behind on the outline and notes for the rewrite, I mapped out a new schedule for getting the revision done. It requires me to write/revise/edit for the better portion of every day (including weekends) between mid-July and mid-August. It’s been a massive effort, and the lack of a day off is beginning to get to me a bit, but I’m making good progress. I’m even two days ahead of schedule?which is probably good, given that I’m now getting into “doozy territory” in terms of the amount of work to be done on the manuscript.

I’m not explaining this very well. I only have eyes for Valhalla right now.

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