The Black Pool teaser

I’ve been working on “teaser text” for the upcoming release of The Black Pool, the third book in the Valhalla series.

I’m pasting this below to ask for your help:
* What intrigues you about this teaser?
* What parts could be left out and still maintain your interest?
* Does this teaser provide too much information, or not enough?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for your help.


Sally is taking a break from magick?or trying to. Leaving her runes behind, she’s studying abroad in Ireland and doing her best to ignore her roommate’s reckless, witchy-wanna-be experiments.

But the presence of the Norse Moon Witch on Irish soil rouses the dark and dangerous Badbh?the slumbering Keeper of the Black Pool Cauldron and a sister goddess of The Morrigan?and Sally once again finds herself at the epicenter of supernatural doom.


With the treaty between the Vanir and the ?sir hanging in the balance, Thor, Heimdall, and the Vanir twins Freyr and Freya travel to Dublin to face The Morrigan?and to contend with rampaging faeries, a shape-shifting pooka, shutterbug tourists, and marshmallow pixie trinkets exploding from leprechaun hammers.

The time has come for Freyr and Freya to choose between Odin’s Lodge and their own kin. And Thor is missing another fondue party.


As ?sir, Vanir, and mortal come to grips with the dark chaos around Dublin’s Black Pool, one of their own must make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent Paranormal World War.

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  1. This teaser is nicely written and well calculated to pique the reader’s interest. The serious spiced with the silly–it gives a good sense of what the book will be like in both subject and tone. My biggest question is: will typical readers-to-be know who the Vanir and the Aesir are? Or The Morrigan, for that matter? Maybe something like “the age-old treaty between the Norse gods and the elemental beings of Ireland is ready to rupture” or whatever, to give people who don’t know the Aesir and the Vanir a sense of who the players are? And Keeper of the Black Pool Cauldron–maybe rephrase for those who don’t know what that means? “Guardian of the perilous cauldron of rebirth”? This teaser is very inviting, but it verges on what I call Capitalitis, the sometimes regrettable tendency of passages of fantasy to have a lot of capitalized beings, powers, and special places and objects. I love the end phrase “Paranormal World War” but again question whether caps are needed. Otoh, that’s a highly personal taste, and other readers may like the signifiers of importance .

  2. I like all the supernatural beings but agree with Rebecca above. Not everyone knows who and what they are.

    So it’s intriguing.

    But not enough info.

    Also, it does not have me in it! LOL

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