Time and Again (Jack Finney)

Time and Again (Time, #1)Time and Again by Jack Finney
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It’s not often that I finish reading a book with my mouth literally hanging open, but that’s what happened with Finney’s Time and Again. The conclusion was simple and perfect, and I realized it couldn’t have been any other way.

I honestly wasn’t sure what I thought of this novel until those last few pages. I kept telling myself that there was too much detail in the description of New York City in 1882 or too much intellectual remove for me to really care about the characters. Yet I kept turning the pages, and I’m so glad I did.

WARNING: Don’t read the author’s “Footnote” at the back of the book until you’ve completed the story. I’d grown curious about the drawings and photos included with the story and so flipped to the back to look for art credits?and found a huge spoiler at the end of that same paragraph.

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