have a GOAT weekend

Last night, Mike described a productivity exercise that he’d suggested to his work group: Taking a few days or even a week away from the daily grind to blast through the ever-mounting to-do lists, tackle the streamlining they’ve been wanting to put into place (but haven’t had time to do), and essentially clear out the backlogs.

He called it taking a break to Get Our Act Together (GOAT). I found this at once hilarious and brilliant. Think of the t-shirts!

What’s been sitting on your back burner for far too long? What productivity processes are still awaiting implementation because you’re still dealing with all of the niggling day-to-day stuff? What’s been weighing on you and preventing you from moving forward at full steam?

I’ve got too many pressing activities going on right now to take such a step back, but I’m thinking of carving out an hour or two over the weekend to at least start making a list of what I’d like to tackle during a GOAT Break. A girl can dream, right?

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  1. Nearly every weekend is a “goat” weekend for me and thsts exactly why I never get anything accomplished! All I want to do is play with my goats. What I need to do is move a huge pile of pine shavings into the chicken coop. Thanks for the motivation, maybe this time I will have the strength to ignore the cute baby gosts!

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