my 2017 publishing roundup

It has been pointed out to me that as a writer/author, I should be posting an annual “what I released this year” blog entry. Since I didn’t do this for 2017 (or ever, yet), here’s my publishing round-up for 2017 a mere six weeks late.


Urban Fantasy: Valhalla

  • Raven Quest (January 2017)*
    The fourth book in the Valhalla series.

    (*The entire Valhalla series is currently being rebranded as the Rune Witch series, and the first four volumes have been unpublished in preparation for their re-release later this month.)

Sci-Fi / Romance: MARS
I published my first-ever science fiction romance titles in 2017 as a trio of books in the Mars Adventure Romance Series.

Northwest Love Story series, 2017
These profiles appeared in my monthly series in The Oregonian, highlighting long-partnered couples within about a hundred miles of Portland, Oregon.

Doug and Betty Thompson (December 2017)
Married for 65 years, and they ‘don’t know what to disagree on’

Tom and Lynn Elliott (November 2017)
NW Love Stories: Tom and Lynn Elliott look back on 60 years of marriage

Howard and Dotty Baker (October 2017)
‘There’s always a kiss’ for Tigard couple about to celebrate 75th wedding anniversary

Arnold and Elaine Cogan (September 2017)
After 64 years of marriage, they ‘still have a lot to look forward to’

Jerry and Evelyn Leshgold (August 2017)
After 75 years of marriage, they figure they’re ‘compatible’

Lloyd and Sally Fellas and Mack and Lillian Shafer (July 2017)
One wedding plus two couples equals 140 years of marriage

Norman and Betty Elsner (June 2017)
‘Stick with it’: Norman and Betty Elsner have been married 65 years and counting

Patricia and Warren Kallenbach (May 2017)
‘We laugh at everything,’ says Bethany couple married for 70 years

Gene and Diane Tollefsen (April 2017)
From a blind date to 58 years of marriage

Seward and Theresa Eggleston (March 2017)
The first 70 years of marriage ‘are the worst’

Owen and Edith Miller (February 2017)
The secret to 73 years of marriage? ‘One day at a time’

Bernie and Jean Niemeyer (January 2017)
Portland pastor and wife reflect on 68 years of ‘very successful’ marriage

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