evergreen tree in Portland, Oregon; photo by Jennifer Willis

countdown to Futurescapes

Futurescapes is almost here!

I’m headed to the airport today, bound for Utah and the Futurescapes Writers’ Workshop. I’ve been looking forward to this working retreat for a good while, and I remain grateful to everyone who helped make this possible for me.

While in Utah, I will receive feedback from my peers and faculty on a selection from Twilight Magic, the sixth volume in the Rune Witch urban fantasy series. I will also be workshopping a novel synopsis for a new stand-alone—a fun steampunk adventure—and will be re-learning how to write a query letter. It’s been some time since I’ve written one of those; I’ve had lots of practice writing query letters and pitches for non-fiction/journalism, and it will be good to stretch my fingers on the fiction side of the table.

The trip also presents a bit of a packing challenge, as there’s been snow recently up at the Sundance resort. The forecast calls for highs in the upper 50s today and tomorrow, and then temperatures near freezing with snow showers on Tuesday, and then back to balmier conditions on Wednesday. So, layers it is. I’ve successfully gotten everything into my single carry-on travel backpack once again, and we’ll see how well I did with my packing choices once the workshop is over.

I was also delighted to discover—after some photo sleuthing—that a deli cafe on the property has a kale-berry smoothie on its menu. Since getting the flu twice in two months, I’ve been making green smoothies every morning and I hope to continue this habit while I’m away. It’s kind of ridiculous how happy this makes me.

Anyway, this is what I’ll be up to this week. Normally there’s not quite this much excitement. What does the coming week look like on your end?

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