April Hill Park. Photo by Jennifer Willis.

the story behind my instagram account

This is the stupid story of how I ended up with an Instagram account. Earlier this year, I got an email from Instagram alerting me to a change in my account. The only problem was that I didn’t have an Instagram account. I replied to the email asking Instagram what I could do to ensure […]

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Sundance Resort, Utah. Photo by Jennifer Willis.

the travel bag saga continues

Because you know I will always be seeking to improve, right? I’ve now taken three trips with the eBags TLS Motherlode Weekender Junior as my only bag, and I’m still pretty happy with it—other than the name being a mouthful and a pain to type. I’ve taken it with me on a two-day trip to […]

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Little free library. Photo by Jennifer Willis.

books read: May 2018

I’m reading about a book a week now, though I wish I could do more. Most of these titles were chosen for research, and at least two were also selected for fun.

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Halo Top assortment of flavors. Photo by Jennifer Willis.

the ice cream report

* post updated below * About a month ago, I was lamenting about not being able to reliably find my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream — Vanilla Caramel Fudge — at any of my local grocery stores. It seems like a standard flavor that should be in regular demand, but it was […]

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Maplewood May flowers. Photo by Jennifer Willis.

and sometimes you have a panic attack

I woke up already having a panic attack this morning. I’ve not blogged about my health in a while. I still have the daily headaches and dysautonomia, but it hasn’t been as bad lately, which has allowed me to get quite a bit more work done. I also don’t want my life (or my blog) […]

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View of the Pacific Ocean from Cannon Beach, Oregon. Photo by Jennifer Willis.

research is a beach

Sometimes you just need to do some on-site research. I’m working on world-building for a follow-on series to the Rune Witch books, to be set in a small community along the Oregon Coast. So, darn! I had to go to the coast for work. I’m such an unreasonable and demanding boss. I had a tight […]

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Neighborhood flower garden bed in SW Portland, Oregon. Photo by Jennifer Willis.

real-life travel gigs and daydreams

A few weeks ago, Jema Patterson at Half the Clothes sent out a newsletter with an intriguing bit of news: Airline Hiring Paid Travelers You and a friend have until May 14th to apply for: •  a $4,500/mo salary • furnished apartment in the capital of Iceland • ability to travel the world all summer. […]

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