The Rune Witch urban fantasy series from Jennifer Willis.

The Rune Witch books are coming tomorrow!

Did you know that I have three books launching tomorrow? It’s true. After nearly nine months, the rebranded Rune Witch novels are finally coming to market. Here’s what’s different: The four previously published books in the Valhalla urban fantasy series all have new titles and new cover art. Valhalla is now Moon Dog Magic. Iduna’s […]

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Spring in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Jennifer Willis.

green smoothie hero

For the past few weeks, I’ve been starting most every morning with a green smoothie. This was after I’d caught the flu for a second time in as many months and was worried about not recovering in time to be able to go to Utah for the Futurescapes Writers’ Workshop. It was about that time […]

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evergreen tree in Portland, Oregon; photo by Jennifer Willis

countdown to Futurescapes

Futurescapes is almost here! I’m headed to the airport today, bound for Utah and the Futurescapes Writers’ Workshop. I’ve been looking forward to this working retreat for a good while, and I remain grateful to everyone who helped make this possible for me. While in Utah, I will receive feedback from my peers and faculty […]

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instant pot: garlic cure-all soup

M has been feeling under the weather lately and I’ve been trying hard not to catch his cold. I’ve made a “cure-all” Côte d’Azur soup in the past and wanted to try making a heartier version of this in the Instant Pot Mini. Also, I had the last night’s leftover chowder for breakfast this morning, […]

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instant pot: veggie chowder thing

At the end of last year, my partner and I jumped aboard the Instant Pot craze with an Instant Pot Mini, and we’ve used it nearly every day since. I love to cook, and I’m frequently more interested in inventing new things and adjusting existing recipes than following someone else’s instructions exactly. And as I […]

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none of this should have happened

Someone just posted to Facebook a news story about a school shooting in Kentucky. Two people dead, multiple people injured. It turned out that the poster had misread the date on the article and thought that this had just happened today, when it happened in late January instead. And it still broke me. For a […]

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