author services

I currently offer the following services to authors:

  • Editing
  • Book formatting


Does your manuscript need help?

My editing services include developmental, structural, line editing and copyediting. I have experience editing memoirs, academic papers, technical documents, and essays, but I specialize in fiction—sci-fi, urban fantasy, and paranormal are a few of my favorites.

And I loves indies! I offer a 10-20% discount to members of the Northwest Independent Writers Association.

Email me today to discuss your project. I normally ask for a sample of your manuscript so I can get a feel for your material and what it needs, and I’ll “test-edit” a few pages for free so you can see what I would bring to your project.

Book formatting

Do you have a polished manuscript that needs formatting for publication?

I’m working with Vellum to produce elegant and professional ebooks for Kindle/.mobi, .epub, and PDF. I can also produce print-ready files for print-on-demand titles, though I currently reserve this service as an add-on for ebooks I’m formatting. I’m still working out my pricing structure on this, so contact me with details of your project and we’ll settle on a rate and schedule.