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Raven Quest (Valhalla: Book 4) by Jennifer Willis
Raven Quest
(VALHALLA book 4)

Jennifer Willis
January 2017

Raven Quest is the fourth book in the Valhalla series of urban fantasy/YA fiction:

When volcano spirits come to play, things can get toasty.

On the eve of Thor’s wedding, Sally ventures into the Oregon wilderness to learn plant medicine from a native guide. But what promised to be a weekend nature hike quickly escalates into an all-out scramble for survival when ancient tricksters form a shaky alliance to bring true magick back to the land.

Separated from her friends, Sally finds herself at the mercy of a lusty lava god whose gaze sears her skin and crisps her clothes—and whose attentions awaken a deadly trio of dormant volcanoes. Thor faces his own trials on a pre-marital vision quest that has him coming face-to-face with an unexpected specter, a bumbling band of Bigfoot hunters, and the legendary sasquatch itself.

In a wilderness of shadows and light where nothing is as it seems, Sally and her friends are forced to sacrifice much more than they bargained for.

Can the vengeful volcanoes be appeased before a massive eruption destroys all of Central Oregon? Will Thor finally get to punch somebody? And did the Bigfoot hunters capture it all on video?

Also check out the online glossary of Valhalla characters, terms, places, and more!

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The Black Pool (Valhalla: Book 3) by Jennifer Willis
The Black Pool
(VALHALLA book 3)

Jennifer Willis
December 2013

The Black Pool is the third book in the Valhalla series of urban fantasy/YA fiction:

Even when Sally tries to take a break from magick, she gets sucked back in.

Leaving her runes behind, Sally is studying abroad in Dublin. But the presence of the Norse Moon Witch on Irish soil awakens the dark and dangerous Badbh, keeper of the Black Pool, whose ambitions soon have the treaty between two rival factions of Norse gods—and the peace inside Odin’s Lodge—balanced on a razor’s edge.

Caught between the reckless antics of her wannabe-witch roommate and Badbh’s attempts to resurrect an ancient faerie throne, Sally finds herself once again at the epicenter of supernatural doom.

In the midst of rampaging faeries, a shape-shifting pooka, shutterbug tourists, and marshmallow pixie trinkets exploding from leprechaun hammers, Sally and her powerful friends must each make a fateful choice.

Who will make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent Paranormal World War? Will Thor miss another fondue party? And does anyone know how to shut up a nervous pooka?

Also check out the online glossary of Valhalla characters, terms, places, and more!


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Iduna's Apples (Valhalla: Book 2) by Jennifer Willis
Iduna’s Apples
(VALHALLA book 2)

Jennifer Willis
December 2012

Iduna’s Apples is the second book in the Valhalla series of urban fantasy/YA fiction:

Global warming is a bitch—unless you’re a Frost Giant.

Iduna’s Grove comes into harvest once every four hundred years, producing sacred fruit that grants immortal strength and long life to Odin and his kin. But this harvest coincides with retreating glaciers that free the dreaded Frost Giants from their icy prison. Eerily courteous and especially rank, they hold the harvest ransom and demand an exchange for wives: Freya, Saga, Heimdall’s mortal girlfriend Maggie, and even teenage witch Sally Dahl.

But as Thor and his warrior brethren prepare to battle an old and dangerous adversary, they soon learn that nothing is as it seems: A darker, more sinister enemy is on the loose.

Will the massive Frost Giants find an IKEA bed that fits? Is that Thor in a wedding dress? Can Sally let go of her crush on Freyr long enough to find a way to combat an ancient enemy even more malevolent than the creepy Frost Giants?

Also check out the online glossary of Valhalla characters, terms, places, and more!


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Valhalla by Jennifer Willis
(VALHALLA book 1)

Jennifer Willis
April 2011

The fate of the world as we know it rests in the hands of an unwitting teenage witch and her overweight cat.

In present-day Portland, the Norse gods are alive and well, and hiding in plain sight: Odin is a high school principal, blustering Thor is about to lose his job as a photocopier repairman, and the Norns are operating a psychic hotline—and they and their kin are on the hunt for the newly reincarnated World Tree as they try to prevent Ragnarok.

At the same time, sixteen-year-old Sally Dahl is casting rune spells to bring about a better, happier planet, but she instead triggers the return of the legendary Berserker warriors—and their bottomless junk food cravings. When Sally finds herself the victim of her own magick, she inadvertently teams up with a power-grabbing minor deity, Managarm, who wants to capture the Tree for himself and assert his dominion over all.

Can Odin rely on a new generation of Vikings—including a marching band and a biker gang—for help? Can Sally fix her magickal mistakes in time to thwart Managarm’s plan—before the Berserkers eat Voodoo Doughnuts out of business?

Also check out the online glossary of Valhalla characters, terms, places, and more!

Praise for Jennifer Willis and Valhalla:

Perhaps the Next Marion Zimmer Bradley?
“Those more versed in Norse knowledge that I am will likely do better keeping the family tree straight. However, the character development and delivery of the tension and action keep the pages turning. Definitely in the cannot-put-down category. I suspect, as the series develops with future books, that we might be seeing the next Marion Zimmer Bradley (for our generation). Except Willis is much funnier. Very excited to read the next book!”

— Roxanne Hawn, The Mountain Book Worm

A Magical Brew
“In this hugely entertaining fantasy tale, Jen Willis presents a magical and bewitching brew … Perfect for the young adult market, for those who grew up on the tales of Harry Potter and who are now hungry for something a little different, but equally compelling and magical. Ms Willis’s writing is exceptional, fluent and engaging, managing to weave a fantasy world that really fires the reader’s imagination and makes the impossible seem believable. A healthy dose of humour runs throughout … The author clearly knows her mythological stuff, and has created the story and its characters through meticulous research. Most impressive.

“If there are young adults you want to treat to something special, give them a copy. Better still, whatever your age, treat yourself to one too. I haven’t had such fun reading for ages, and am still finding it hard to drag myself out of this magical world and back to the mundane one in which I live.”

— Joanna W. Simm, The Bookworm Blog

A Must-Read If You Enjoy Mythology, Strong Characters, Humor and Action
“I commend Ms. Willis on her ability to combine battle scenes and softer sides with humor and reality. . . . The characters are memorable, a key to a great read. I fell in love . . . and my heart broke. . . . Well-written and expertly crafted, Valhalla is a must-read if you enjoy mythology, strong characters, humor, and action.”

— Tia Silverthorne Bach, co-author of “Depression Cookies” and “Mom in Love with Fiction” blogger


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Mars Adventure Romance Series (M.A.R.S.)

The Red Planet is about to get a lot hotter!

Mars Ho! (M.A.R.S. 1) by Jennifer Willis
Mars Ho!
(M.A.R.S. 1)

What would you do for a one-way trip to Mars?

Lori Ridgway entered the Mars Ho reality show for the chance to be one of the first corporate-sponsored colonists on Mars. But she didn’t anticipate the chaotic, meat-market atmosphere that has candidates competing on everything from flirting to life-and-death in the airlock.

She certainly didn’t expect Mark Lauren—handsome, intelligent, one of the strongest competitors, and an infuriating stickler for the rules.

As rivals and potential partners on Mars, can Mark and Lori pull together to survive the competition? Or will mistrust, manufactured drama, and an endless supply of unpalatable protein paste keep them apart?

Mars Ho! is the first book in the spicy M.A.R.S. sci-fi romance series.

Lovers and Lunatics (M.A.R.S. 2) by Jennifer Willis
Lovers and Lunatics
(M.A.R.S. 2)

coming late June 2017!

Is true love lurking in the junkyard of low Earth orbit?

Hannah Cuthbertson’s job is on the line when she is ordered into orbit aboard a fledgling salvage ship to promote a new reality show, Space Junkers. Worse still, she has to work with the Face of Space himself, Gary Nelson—the perfectly groomed and professionally sculpted Mars Ho! host whom she abhors.

But one dangerous occurrence after another prove that this is no ordinary assignment.

As two frenemy salvage crews compete for the same payload, Hannah and Gary must put their suspicions aside to get to the bottom of a treacherous conspiracy—and to satisfy the escalating heat between them.

Will Gary escape the amorous clutches of his most ardent space groupie? Will Hannah and Gary risk everything to expose the truth?

Lovers and Lunatics is the second book in the M.A.R.S. sci-fi romance series.

Stand-Alone Novels

Rhythm by Jennifer Willis
Jennifer Willis
September 2001

One soul, two people. Two lives, one rhythm.

Robin Michaels, a middle-aged British rock-star searching for meaning. Angela Harris, a young American encountering remarkable choices.

Separate personalities, individual lives — soul twins, forever tethered by a common bond of spirit.

While self-conscious Robin battles his personal demons in the global spotlight, he privately reaches out for his own soul, pondering the mysterious girl in his dreams. And struggling with an enigmatic spirit guide and strange supernatural influences, Angela questions her own path — and her sanity — under the growing shadow of Robin’s celebrity.

Separated by geography, gender, and a generation of years, Robin and Angela approach the same challenges from different perspectives, rooted in unconscious partnership. As each becomes more aware of this elusive other half, their independent stumblings intertwine more closely, sharing dreams, visions, and real life near misses along a collision course toward a fated meeting.
Praise for Jennifer Willis and Rhythm:

“This book is exceptionally well written with a story line that actually makes sense. Sadly, many visionary novels are little more than the author’s worldview presented through a series of talking-head characters. Not so, this one. Her character development of the twin souls is remarkable; they are full-bodied, real, and likable.”
— Pat Walker, the Aquarian Bookstore, Richmond, Virginia

“I’m really enjoying your book! I can’t wait to finish it. However, it’s kind of like when I was reading the last Harry Potter book… I want to know what happens, but I don’t really want it to end.”
— Marty G., Mountain View, California

“I read your book in just four days. I really loved it. All the spiritual subjects reminded me of the best parts of myself, that I often neglect out of busyness or general laziness. I enjoyed Robin and Angela, and the entire use of twin souls as a major plot point was very appealing to me. Very cool! Are there more books in the works?”
— Christy E., Wilmington, North Carolina


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