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if I started blogging today…

Today is a theme day in the 2012 Blogathon, and participants have been asked to complete the sentence, "If I started blogging today?" Well. I first started my blog in the fall of 2004. I had little idea what I was doing. My blog didn't have a theme, and the topics I posted about were pretty random. Over the years, I've blogged the full first drafts of two novels (during Continue Reading ››

adventures with an iPad: Scrivener and Elements

Yesterday, I spent some time toying with getting Scrivener on my MacBook to sync with Dropbox Elements on my iPad. Some background . . . After much deliberation, I finally bought an iPad. To save money?and in a nod to realistic expectations about my usage?I bought a refurbished iPad 2 model from Apple. I'd already been leaning in that direction but a conversation at the Apple Store with an Apple … Continue Reading ››

Of books and bytes

Below is an essay I wrote at the end of last year -- one I've not had any luck placing with a magazine or newspaper. Rather than letting in languish in my "pending" file, I'll share it with you here. Enjoy. 🙂 E-readers ? like Amazon?s hot-selling Kindle, Barnes & Noble?s Nook, and the much anticipated iPad from Apple ? are a bibliophile?s dream come true: More books in less space, … Continue Reading ››