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my website was hacked

My website was hacked. Please bear with me while I change all my passwords, restore my database, and reconfigure my WordPress theme. Even with regular backups, there have already been a few glitches along the way. This may take a while.

Sorry about this, folks. I appreciate your patience.

call for submissions!

Submissions are now open for the 2015 anthology of short fiction (or poetry, artwork, etc.) from the Northwest Independent Writers Association. I'm the editor of the collection again this year, and our theme is asylum. You can find out more on the NIWA website. Submissions close on March 31, but please don't wait 'til the last minute! I look forward to reading your stories.


I don't promise to have a new glossary entry every day for the long haul, but we're good for now.
Rathcrogan: Located near Tulsk in County Roscommon in Ireland, Rathcrogran is a complex of archaeological sites associated with Cruachan, the traditional capital of the Connachta.
Also, I'm pleased to report that I spent the weekend reworking the revision and production schedule for Valhalla book 4?Raven Quest. As of yesterday, this project is … Continue Reading ››

glossary update and interview news

Here's another new term added to the Valhalla glossary this afternoon. Use it in a sentence three times today, and it will be yours forever (so I've heard).
Rath na Darbh: Literally, ?ringfort of the bulls.? Rath na Darbh is located within the Rathcroghan complex of archaeological sites and is composed of a circular enclosure surrounded by a berm and a ditch.
In other news, I'm headed over to the Tigard library … Continue Reading ››

will you help my book win an IndieRecon award?

UPDATE 2/25/14: I've just been informed that you can indeed vote more than once -- but only once per day. So if you've already voted, please go back again! Indie authors need your support. Voting is open for IndieRecon's Best Indie Novel awards! All four of my books have been nominated, if you can believe it. Will you vote for one or more of my books? You can see the complete … Continue Reading ››