Iris flowers in the Garden of Surging Waves. Astoria, Oregon.

my long overdue post on intermittent fasting

Back in January, I promised Jerry James Stone that I would write a blog post about my experience with Intermittent Fasting and then tweet at him about it. I even created a ToDoist task to remind me of this, but then the January 6th Capitol Insurrection happened and even the idea of thinking about a […]

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Wildflowers in Astoria, Oregon.

on bravery and shame, and trying to do the scary writing

On today’s list in the bullet journal, I have written “do the scary writing.” I was excited to add that item last night as I sat in bed and made my plans for today. I’d just begun reading Cait Flanders’s Adventures in Opting Out and nodding along with her lamentation in the introduction about how […]

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Pink dogwood branches against the evening sky. Jennifer Willis, 2021.

the revelation of autism spectrum disorder at midlife

I’ve been pretty open about my discovery early last year that I have autism. At least, I would have been more open about this if I’d been blogging more. I’ve gotten out of practice in this space, and as a result become overly anxious when there’s something I want to say. Too many times, I […]

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setting up the 2021 bullet journal

I’ve been hard at work getting the new bullet journal ready for 2021, and since a friend (Hi, Heidi!) asked for details about how I’m currently using this customized system, I figured a blog post was in order. Warning: Planning nerdiness ahead. I’ve written previously about the bullet journal — my bullet journal adventure so […]

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Moon, just past full.

claiming my voice

Finding and owning your voice is a powerful, necessary thing. I wish it came easily. I don’t like that I continue to struggle with getting started writing, and with keeping at it. That goes for my fiction work, for essays, and for blogging. Obviously I enjoy writing and find it constructive, and there’s plenty of […]

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