The Rune Witch urban fantasy series from Jennifer Willis.

The Rune Witch books are coming tomorrow!

Did you know that I have three books launching tomorrow? It’s true. After nearly nine months, the rebranded Rune Witch novels are finally coming to market. Here’s what’s different: The four previously published books in the Valhalla urban fantasy series all have new titles and new cover art. Valhalla is now Moon Dog Magic. Iduna’s […]

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evergreen tree in Portland, Oregon; photo by Jennifer Willis

countdown to Futurescapes

Futurescapes is almost here! I’m headed to the airport today, bound for Utah and the Futurescapes Writers’ Workshop. I’ve been looking forward to this working retreat for a good while, and I remain grateful to everyone who helped make this possible for me. While in Utah, I will receive feedback from my peers and faculty […]

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my 2017 publishing roundup

It has been pointed out to me that as a writer/author, I should be posting an annual “what I released this year” blog entry. Since I didn’t do this for 2017 (or ever, yet), here’s my publishing round-up for 2017 a mere six weeks late. Books Urban Fantasy: Valhalla Raven Quest (January 2017)* The fourth […]

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there was a quiet book launch this week . . .

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you might be aware that I’ve been struggling for quite some time to bring the latest volume in the Valhalla series to market. And so, after too many delays, it’s here! I rather quietly launched the Kindle edition of Raven Quest this past Monday […]

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where writing ideas come from

Earlier this morning, I received a “regrets” letter from the Jan Michalski Foundation, regarding my application for one of their “Swiss tree house” writer residencies for 2017. I hadn’t realized how much I’d been looking forward to that opportunity until it was taken away, but that’s how things work sometimes, right? I’d even gone so […]

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You may have heard that Westercon 69 is coming to town this weekend—July 1-4. I was lucky enough to be included as a panelist this year, and you can find my schedule here. My panel topics/titles: How Being an Engaged Patient Can Save Your Life Saturday Noon Kaffeeklatsch (I’m kind of worried no one will […]

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