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Fatal Fundraiser (Haunted Coast, book 2), by Jennifer Willis


A murdered socialite. A mysterious fire. And the resurrection of a serial killer.

Reluctant medium Suri Mudge hates parties, and this one is the worst.

The winter holiday season is in full swing in the seaside town of Grady, and Suri is adjusting to having the local witch as a friend and an entitled ghost as a sidekick. But a disastrous fundraiser for a new library in the historic Grazzini house—including the murder of the library chair and arson at the site—leaves the residents rattled and pointing fingers. Worse, someone’s breaking into the businesses on Main Street, not to mention all of the lost pets and a few missing kids.

Even Suri is spooked by the prospect that Teddy Grazzini, Naghatune Bay’s most notorious murderer, has risen from the grave. But if she can get them to cooperate, restless spirits at the Grazzini house may have a different story to tell.

Fatal Fundraiser is the second book in the new Haunted Coast paranormal cozy mystery series, set in the same universe as the Rune Witch urban fantasy books.

Readers who like spirited ghosts, quirky characters, and magickal mysteries will love Fatal Fundraiser.

Available October 6!

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