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Crooked Curse (Haunted Coast, book 1), by Jennifer Willis


A reluctant medium, an entitled ghost, and a dead body at the bottom of the stairs.

Suri Mudge is having a bad day.

Plagued by headaches and with an attitude to match, Surly — as she’s known to the odd-ball locals in her Oregon Coast community — stumbles across a murder victim while out for a stroll. Strange things are common in Naghatune Bay, but this is the first murder by magick, though the straight-laced deputy sheriff isn’t convinced. Suri assists with the investigation while juggling her teahouse and bookshop business, an arrogant spirit who’s not eager to cross over, and a displaced kitchen witch who’s just trying to help.

But nothing goes according to plan, and then Suri finds herself in the killer’s sorcery sights.

Crooked Curse is the first book in the new Haunted Coast paranormal cozy mystery series, set in the same universe as the Rune Witch urban fantasy books.

Readers who like spirited ghosts, quirky characters, and magickal mysteries will love Crooked Curse.

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