A tomato kitchen timer.

timed sessions, when time has no meaning

I’ve been wanting to re-start this blog with more regular posts on helpful and constructive topics, but life was always intervening. That seems like an entire lifetime ago. One of the topics I wanted to cover was the benefit of using a timer to help get started on projects, to focus on ongoing work, and […]

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anatomy of a panic attack

I ended the last year by having more anxiety and more panic attacks than usual. I wanted to describe one recent panic attack and how I handled it, because it happened when I was out in public and probably no one was the wiser. This increase in anxiety/panic is probably due to my recent discontinuation […]

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Orange "Courage" silicone message bands. Photo by Jennifer Willis, 2019.

and sometimes, just like that, courage appears

A little over a week ago, I was doing some deep thinking about my work and my life in general. Without going into too much detail, I was considering making some major changes, including walking away from something I love but in which I was finding myself increasingly stymied. I ended up reminding myself that […]

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A path through the woods in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Jennifer Willis, 2019.

welcome to the club

Earlier this week, I received two queries in a single day about dysautonomia, and I’d gotten a Facebook private message a few days earlier about the headache. I do occasionally get a comment on an old blog post or an email message through my website from someone offering encouragement or looking for answers — and […]

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Flowers and ivy in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Jennifer Willis, 2019.

(again) I am not dead

Sometimes I go quiet because I’m really busy with fabulous projects and amazing adventures and I lose track of time or simply forget to post to the blog. Sometimes I go quiet on the blog because things have been especially rough and I’ve not had the extra time or energy to write up anything new […]

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Sunset in Portland, Oregon. January 2019. (Jennifer Willis)

I am bold at night

I am bold at night. At least, I am bolder in those quiet, dark hours when the world is filled with possibility and promise, than I am in the full light of day. Does the sunlight burn away my plans and dreams like so much mist, or is there something else at work? As the […]

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hiding in the shadows

This morning, I awoke to more inflaming outbursts from the president’s Twitter account and more divisive language and positions from his staff. It’s another day in the United States of America in 2018, and the president is again attacking the press on Twitter. His friends on Fox News are speculating that a caravan of migrants […]

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