setting up the 2021 bullet journal

I’ve been hard at work getting the new bullet journal ready for 2021, and since a friend (Hi, Heidi!) asked for details about how I’m currently using this customized system, I figured a blog post was in order. Warning: Planning nerdiness ahead. I’ve written previously about the bullet journal — my bullet journal adventure so […]

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Moon, just past full.

claiming my voice

Finding and owning your voice is a powerful, necessary thing. I wish it came easily. I don’t like that I continue to struggle with getting started writing, and with keeping at it. That goes for my fiction work, for essays, and for blogging. Obviously I enjoy writing and find it constructive, and there’s plenty of […]

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"Andromeda Galaxy 23rd Nov 2014" by ched cheddles. (

Jen’s philosophy of stargazing

Like many other people during the ongoing pandemic, I’ve returned to an old love: stargazing. And judging by the run on observation equipment, telescopes especially, it seems that this backyard hobby has become much more popular while we’re isolating and quarantining. And that makes sense. Technically, stargazing doesn’t cost anything if you’re content with naked-eye […]

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let it be a mess

Settle in; this is a long one. I’ve been experimenting and struggling with productivity systems since I was in school. When I was much younger, I developed my own simple system that worked for years: I managed all of my school work, deadlines, and more with a simple pocket calendar and tiny flip notebook; I […]

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"VOTE" protest sign.

I showed up. I hope you did, too.

There are so many things I never thought I would see, but which have come to pass with the Trump administration. I won’t indulge in a laundry list here, because I doubt that examples didn’t already spring to your mind when you read that sentence. Yesterday, I did something I never thought I’d have to […]

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Lakshmi, 2005-2020

This morning we said goodbye to Lakshmi. This sweet husky-wolf hybrid who struggled mightily to be a good girl was the inspiration for Heimdall’s dog Laika in the Rune Witch books. She was 14 years and 7 months old. I found Lakshmi (then called Sierra) via a Craigslist posting in early January 2007. My beloved […]

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it was there all along

Way back in January—and, gods, doesn’t that feel like a decade ago?—I was out in the neighborhood on my regular morning hike and was being kept company by the “Bodies” podcast. I’d not listened to this podcast before, but this episode called “Anxious Mess” sounded promising. Anxiety is part of living with dysautonomia and I […]

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