Haunted Coast series (paranormal cozy mystery)
Rune Witch series (urban fantasy)
Mars Adventure Romance Series (MARS) (sci-fi romance)
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Haunted Coast Series

Murder at the coast has never been so spooky
paranormal cozy mystery

Set in the same literary universe as the Rune Witch urban fantasy series. If you like spirited ghosts, quirky characters, and magickal mysteries, you’ll love the Haunted Coast books.

Crooked Curse (Haunted Coast book 1) by Jennifer Willis
Crooked Curse
(Haunted Coast, book 1)

Jennifer Willis

A reluctant medium, an entitled ghost, and a dead body at the bottom of the stairs.

Suri Mudge is having a bad day.

Plagued by headaches and with an attitude to match, Surly — as she’s known to the odd-ball locals in her Oregon Coast community — stumbles across a murder victim while out for a stroll. Strange things are common in Naghatune Bay, but this is the first murder by magick, though the straight-laced deputy sheriff isn’t convinced. Suri assists with the investigation while juggling her teahouse and bookshop business, an arrogant spirit who’s not eager to cross over, and a displaced kitchen witch who’s just trying to help.

But nothing goes according to plan, and then Suri finds herself in the killer’s sorcery sights.

Available in ebook.

Fatal Fundraiser (Haunted Coast book 2) by Jennifer Willis
Fatal Fundraiser
(Haunted Coast, book 2)

Jennifer Willis

Reluctant medium Suri Mudge hates parties, and this one is the worst.

The winter holiday season is in full swing in the seaside town of Grady, and Suri is adjusting to having the local witch as a friend and an entitled ghost as a sidekick. But a disastrous fundraiser for a new library in the historic Grazzini house—including the murder of the library chair and arson at the site—leaves the residents rattled and pointing fingers. Worse, someone’s breaking into the businesses on Main Street, not to mention all of the lost pets and a few missing kids.

Even Suri is spooked by the prospect that Teddy Grazzini, Naghatune Bay’s most notorious murderer, has risen from the grave. But if she can get them to cooperate, restless spirits at the Grazzini house may have a different story to tell.

Coming October 2022.

Tainted Treasure (Haunted Coast book 3) by Jennifer Willis
Tainted Treasure
(Haunted Coast, book 3)

Jennifer Willis

A dead treasure hunter. A mystery illness. And the world’s worst Valentine’s Day.

There’s treasure in the hills surrounding Naghatune Bay. But the small coastal town of eccentric citizens and magickal secrets isn’t fond of outsiders, and no one’s happy about the attention brought by the discovery.

When a treasure hunter ends up dead in the middle of Suri Mudge’s teahouse, the reluctant medium is the prime suspect. Misfortune goes from bad to worse when the snooty antiquities expert examining the curious cache dies, too—at the same time a mysterious sickness begins spreading through the town. With the deputy sheriff in the hospital, the locals don’t know where to turn for help.

But Suri is no stranger to suspicious deaths or cranky ghosts. As the only person who can communicate with the recently departed, she might be the town’s sole hope for solving the murders and saving her neighbors.

Coming October 2023.

Rune Witch Series

Modern Mythology with a Comic Twist
urban fantasy

If you like modern-day magick, action-packed mayhem, and ancient legends come to life, you’ll love the Rune Witch books. Start reading today!

Note: The Rune Witch series was previously branded as Valhalla.

Moon Dog Magic (Rune Witch, Volume 1) by Jennifer Willis
Moon Dog Magic
(Rune Witch, Volume 1)

Jennifer Willis

The fate of the modern world rests in the hands of an unwitting teenage witch and her overweight cat.

Sally Dahl is casting spells for a greener planet, but a major miscalculation has her calling up legendary Berserker warriors instead—along with their bottomless junk food cravings. She thinks she’s found an ally when she stumbles across Managarm the Moon Dog, a lost god desperate for her help, but his ambitions are much darker.

There’s more than one Norse god hiding in plain sight in Portland: Thor, Odin, and their kin work regular jobs to pay the rent while they hunt for the World Tree and try to thwart Managarm from destroying the cosmos.

Can Sally find her way to a new generation of Vikings and fix her magickal mistakes in time to prevent Ragnarok?

(This book was originally published as Valhalla [2011] as the first book in the Valhalla series.)

Available in ebook and paperback.

Elements of Magic (Rune Witch, Volume 2) by Jennifer Willis
Elements of Magic
(Rune Witch, Volume 2)

Jennifer Willis

The Rune Witch can’t catch a break, even on vacation.

Sally is getting used to being part of a modern mythological pantheon, but she doesn’t like being left out of the loop. She sneaks aboard a flight to Norway to help save a grove of sacred apples that grant immortality, but she encounters an ancient enemy instead—the dreaded Frost Giants are holding the apples for ransom in exchange for wives: Freya, Saga, Heimdall’s girlfriend Maggie, and even Sally herself.

But as Thor prepares for battle in a wedding dress, they soon discover a darker and more sinister enemy is on the loose.

With the lives of her friends on the line, can Sally find a way to combat an adversary even more malevolent than the creepy Frost Giants?

(Elements of Magic was previously published as Iduna’s Apples, the second book in the renamed Valhalla series.)

Available in ebook and paperback.

Black Pool Magic (Rune Witch, Volume 3) by Jennifer Willis
Black Pool Magic
(Rune Witch, Volume 3)

Jennifer Willis

Even when Sally tries to leave magick behind, she gets sucked back in.

Sally is in her first year of college and studying abroad in Dublin. But the presence of the Rune Witch on Irish soil awakens the dark and dangerous Badbh, keeper of the Black Pool, whose ambitions soon have a treaty between rival mythological factions—and the peace inside Odin’s Lodge—balanced on a razor’s edge.

Caught between the reckless antics of her witch-wannabe roommate and Badbh’s plan to resurrect an ancient faerie throne, Sally finds herself once again at the epicenter of supernatural doom.

In the midst of rampaging faeries, a shape-shifting pooka, and shutterbug tourists, Sally and her powerful friends must each make a fateful choice to prevent Paranormal World War.

(Black Pool Magic was previously published as The Black Pool, the third book in the renamed Valhalla series.)

Available in ebook and paperback.

Raven Magic (Rune Witch, Volume 4) by Jennifer Willis
Raven Magic
(Rune Witch, Volume 4)

Jennifer Willis

A teenage witch, volcano spirits, and a vision quest in the Oregon wild. What could go wrong?

On the eve of Thor’s wedding, Sally ventures into the Oregon wilderness to learn native plant medicine. But her weekend nature hike quickly escalates into a scramble for survival when ancient tricksters form a shaky alliance to bring true magick back to the land.

Sally finds herself in the clutches of a lusty lava god whose gaze sears her skin and crisps her clothes—and whose attentions awaken a deadly trio of dormant volcanoes—while Thor comes face to face with a specter from the past, a bumbling band of Bigfoot hunters, and the legendary sasquatch.

In a forest of shadow and light where nothing is as it seems, Sally and her friends are forced to sacrifice more than they bargained for. Can the vengeful volcanoes be appeased before a massive eruption destroys the entire Pacific Northwest? And at what cost?

Raven Magic is the fourth book in the Rune Witch urban fantasy series. If you like modern-day magick, action-packed mayhem, and ancient legends come to life, you’ll love the Rune Witch books. Start reading today!

(Raven Magic was previously published as Raven Quest, the fourth book in the renamed Valhalla series.)

Available in ebook and paperback.

Chaos Magic (Rune Witch, Volume 5) by Jennifer Willis
Chaos Magic
(Rune Witch, Volume 5)

Jennifer Willis

A young witch will go to literal Hell and back if it means a chance at setting things right.

Sally is struggling under Loki’s tutelage and suspects he’s again up to no good. She’s trying to make amends in the aftermath of devastating loss, but the Lodge is in upheaval and Odin’s children have scattered—giving an ancient and dreaded enemy the perfect opportunity to stake her own claim.

When the goddess of the underworld and her undead draugar start wreaking havoc in Portland—burning down Sally’s apartment building and even kidnapping her new boyfriend—the members of the Lodge must find a way to band together to protect the city and themselves.

With her friends’ lives in the balance, Sally must confront her own true nature. How deep does her chaos magick really run?

Available in ebook and paperback.

Twilight Magic (Rune Witch, Volume 6) by Jennifer Willis

Twilight Magic
(Rune Witch, Volume 6)

Jennifer Willis

It’s the end of the world.
For real this time.

As a reluctant college student and bad-tempered Rune Witch, Sally’s life in Portland is anything but ordinary. She can’t escape being the epicenter of magickal mayhem, even as her power fast eclipses her mentor, Loki.

Among the surviving members of Odin’s Lodge, things are just as strange: Heimdall’s dog is ordering plastic dinosaurs for two-day Prime delivery. Fenrir, the dark wolf of the apocalypse, starts wearing pants. And Loki is keeping a deadly secret.

But when a frightened boy arrives on Thor’s doorstep with human traffickers on his tail and real power in his small hands, a darker danger emerges—one of ancient chaos and untamed magick unleashed in the mortal world.

Their fated last stand has come, but this isn’t the Twilight of the Gods anyone expected. As Sally comes face to face with her destiny, she must dig deep to find out if she has what it takes to keep the Cosmos from ripping itself apart.

Because there’s no stopping Ragnarok.

Available in ebook and paperback.

Mars Adventure Romance Series (MARS)

The Red Planet is about to get a lot hotter!
science fiction romance

Mars Ho! (MARS 1) by Jennifer Willis
Mars Ho!
(MARS 1)

What would you do for a one-way trip to Mars?

Lori Ridgway entered the Mars Ho reality show for the chance to be one of the first corporate-sponsored colonists on Mars. But she didn’t anticipate the chaotic, meat-market atmosphere that has candidates competing on everything from flirting to life-and-death in the airlock.

She certainly didn’t expect Mark Lauren—handsome, intelligent, one of the strongest competitors, and an infuriating stickler for the rules.

As rivals and potential partners on Mars, can Mark and Lori pull together to survive the competition? Or will mistrust, manufactured drama, and an endless supply of unpalatable protein paste keep them apart?

Available in ebook.

Lovers and Lunatics (MARS 2) by Jennifer Willis
Lovers and Lunatics
(MARS 2)

When her boss orders her into space with her worst coworker, Hannah wishes she could say no.

Hannah Cuthbertson’s job is on the line when she floats aboard a fledgling salvage ship to promote a new reality show. Worse yet, she has to work with the “Face of Space”—Gary Nelson, the perfectly groomed and professionally sculpted show host she abhors.

But one dangerous and hair-raising coincidence after another proves this is no ordinary assignment.

As frenemy salvage crews compete for the same treacherous payday, Hannah and Gary must put their differences aside to get to the bottom of an insidious conspiracy—and to satisfy the escalating heat between them.

If you like space adventure, corporate intrigue, and getting frisky in microgravity, you’ll love the MARS spicy sci-fi romance series.

Available in ebook.

Mars Heat (MARS 3) by Jennifer Willis
Mars Heat
(MARS 3)

If you can’t stand the heat, stay away from Mars.

Trevor Azam thought his biggest challenge as a colonist would just be staying alive, not doing battle with the local astronaut authority. Newly arrived at the tiny settlement of Ares City, the displaced chef is working hard to keep his fellow colonists’ hope alive under the harsh realities of life on a barren and hostile planet. But Commander Kay, as alluring as she is uncompromising, seems bent on pointing out their deficiencies and sticking her saucy fingers in all of Trevor’s casseroles.

United Nations Space Corps commander Hogan Kay wants nothing more than to end her fourteen-month-long mission at Progress Base without anyone dying on her watch, and she’s earnestly afraid for the new Mars colonists. She’s trying her best to teach them everything they need to know to survive so far from Earth, but she keeps getting distracted by the quiet, dark-eyed Trevor and his kitchen full of goodies.

On a planet that is trying to kill them at every turn, can Trevor and Hogan learn to work together for mutual survival? And might true love be lurking on the Red Planet?

Available in ebook.

Stand-Alone Novels

Rhythm by Jennifer Willis
Jennifer Willis
September 2001

One soul, two people. Two lives, one rhythm.

Robin Michaels, a middle-aged British rock-star searching for meaning. Angela Harris, a young American encountering remarkable choices.

Separate personalities, individual lives — soul twins, forever tethered by a common bond of spirit.

While self-conscious Robin battles his personal demons in the global spotlight, he privately reaches out for his own soul, pondering the mysterious girl in his dreams. And struggling with an enigmatic spirit guide and strange supernatural influences, Angela questions her own path — and her sanity — under the growing shadow of Robin’s celebrity.

Separated by geography, gender, and a generation of years, Robin and Angela approach the same challenges from different perspectives, rooted in unconscious partnership. As each becomes more aware of this elusive other half, their independent stumblings intertwine more closely, sharing dreams, visions, and real life near misses along a collision course toward a fated meeting.

Praise for Jennifer Willis and Rhythm:

“This book is exceptionally well written with a story line that actually makes sense. Sadly, many visionary novels are little more than the author’s worldview presented through a series of talking-head characters. Not so, this one. Her character development of the twin souls is remarkable; they are full-bodied, real, and likable.”
— Pat Walker, the Aquarian Bookstore, Richmond, Virginia

“I’m really enjoying your book! I can’t wait to finish it. However, it’s kind of like when I was reading the last Harry Potter book… I want to know what happens, but I don’t really want it to end.”
— Marty G., Mountain View, California

“I read your book in just four days. I really loved it. All the spiritual subjects reminded me of the best parts of myself, that I often neglect out of busyness or general laziness. I enjoyed Robin and Angela, and the entire use of twin souls as a major plot point was very appealing to me. Very cool! Are there more books in the works?”
— Christy E., Wilmington, North Carolina

Available in ebook and paperback.